What we like about Guest Apartments

Over the past month we have stayed in lots of guest apartments. No one under the age of 18 has booked one but we’ve all had our favourites. So here is my view on an ideal apartment.


One of the worst things you can have in a guest house is that you are staying there fore a week with a limited number of clothes and the is no washing machine! On air bnb it will tell you if there is a washing machine but when Mummy or Daddy booked they never thought to check the washing limits. So quality no. 1 is there a washing machine?

You would think that with a family of 6 there would be a lot of squabbles over the bathroom especially when we are used to the luxury of 6 lavatories at home but the only thing to say about the bathrooms is plan carefully if you make it very clear that “I am going to have a shower tomorrow morning” you should be okay.


Being a large family we do always end up sharing a room or sleeping on a sofa. It was quite a shock for me when I found out I was going to have to share a bed with Magnus however we are a creative family and magnus ended up sleeping in a cot. For some reason I don’t quite understand some family apartments don’t have one single bed in them where as others don’t have a double however there was nothing really wrong with the beds in any apartments that we stayed in.


For some reason no one seems to understand that people do cook nowadays and so some kitchens have been a slight struggle to cook with. When we get home everyone we meet will be weirded out by our obsessing over garlic peelers and colanders. Mummy did enjoy Krakow’s “kitchen of a real cook”. But we (Mummy) have always managed to make a delicious meal in every kitchen we have stayed in


We have really enjoyed some of the apartments that were in the centre of the city yet would have missed the amazing experience of a train to Cologne with Pink Panther and two fairies

If you look closely this train is not all it seems


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  1. Brilliant post Lucy! Having spent the last 2 months living in an Airbnb I can sympathise… Did any of your apartments have a sharp knife? x

  2. Great post Lucy! Next time I book an air bnb I will make sure to check for a washing machine!

  3. Great post. Jess will confirm that I once broke into a holiday let when ours was missing a dishwasher( which advertised) and I needed to sterilize baby bottles….oh and another time when I need a washing machine and ours was out of order and we had packed very lightly for two week (think 3 pairs of knickers each and two changes of clothes)……It’s sort of become a holiday tradition 😂😁 …… Note both were Landmark Trust houses !!!

  4. Great post, Lucy. Ask your parents to tell us about my experience of staying in your house in Kelso, and which piece of VITAL kitchenware was unavailable (or as it turned out, available but hard to find).

  5. to tell YOU, not to tell us…

    Is there no edit facility on these comments?

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