My baby Duplo

The Duplos enjoying some prawn crackers!!!

When I was two my Granny and Grandad (Ele and Shuggie) gave Sophie and me identical Duplo dogs with a Lego set (I didn’t really care about the Lego set though LOL) The Duplos became our favourites. We even set up an Instagram account @duplo_and_friends. I was so happy we could bring them on the trip. They both made squeaky noises that we loved to annoy Mummy and Daddy with 🤣! We also had two identical bears called Ted and Bottoms. (the best choice of names I know) and Duplo A was besties with Bottoms and Duplo S was besties with Ted. Duplo A was mine and Duplo S was Sophie’s but since I lost Duplo A, Sophie and I share Duplo S.

Me with the Duplos in Amsterdam.

Duplo was my baby boy. I will never forget him. When I just thought he was still in the car I had a second when I thought “maybe he is lost, maybe I will never see him again” but I just shook it off. But when we got to France and emptied the car there was no sign of him. He was gone. But I felt like he wasn’t gone HE JUST COULDN’T BE. How could that have happened? When I realised that he was gone I just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry for the rest of my life. But then our friend SANDIE TO THE RESCUE 💗🦸‍♀️😄 sending a brand new teddy bear who needed a home. Thank you so much Sandie.

This photo was the last photo I took of him, it was the day we lost him. we wee at the petrol station we lost him at.

I am going to make one thing clear though. Sandie my new bear isn’t replacing Duplo. Duplo is irreplaceable. 🐶🐕🧸

Me and my new bear named Sandie 🙂

Please share to all people you know that live in Switzerland. I still haven’t given up hope of getting Duplo back.


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  1. That’s a lovely tribute to a much loved toy.
    Granny xxxxx

  2. Heartbreaking Aurora. I’m so so sorry. I do believe you will be reunited one day, it has to be so. Sending huge hugs and tell Sandie to pray to the teddy gods to return Duplo A xxxxx

  3. Aurora, 21 years ago when my son Adrian was a baby, I was on my way to visit his granny/my mum with packets of photos. Every photo I had of him since the day he was born.
    This was way before phones had cameras!
    The film that went into cameras was sent away, and a packet of prints came back through the post. It also contained the “negatives” which = a roll of plastic, see-through film on which were the photos in opposite colours. So red->green, blue->orange etc. These were tucked into a pocket with the prints. Think of the prints as your photo file, the negatives as your cloud.
    On the way to granny’s, my bag was either lost or stolen. In my bag were my prints and the negatives.
    Like your parents, I have 4 children. Adrian is my youngest. The only baby photos I have of him are copies of some that family & friends had taken.
    Your story reminded me of the constant searching & hoping. 21 years later, I still think there’s a chance my bag will be found and I’ll see my photos of baby Adrian.
    Good luck. I hope you find him. Never give up x

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