The Questions – Lucy

Where are we going?

Across land to Japan.

Why are we doing this?

Because it will be a good experience and some way to learn about the world rather than sitting in a classroom and getting bored.

What are you most looking forward to?

Experiencing other cultures. And Mongolia.

And least?

Arguing all the way to Tokyo.

What will you miss about home.

Friends. And the feeling of being in one place.

Are you worried about anything?

I’m worried about things.  But nothing that really sticks out.  I think everybody is going to be worried. I don’t know what type of worry.

How do you think you will change?

I think I will be slightly more mature and slightly more able to adapt.  I’ll be better at trying new foods.

Who do you think is going to be best at eating new things?


What skill do you have that will be most useful on our trip

I think that I’m able to try and enjoy things (unless of course I’m in a grumpy mood).  Sometimes when we go places some people just sit there and go “I’m bored” and most of the time I get into it.

What will you struggle with?

Arguments and letting go of them.  Losing things.

And how are going to try and get over that?

Making checklists.  And taking a second when someone annoys me.

What do your friends think about it ?

Well they’ve joked that they’d like to get rid of me. But I think they’re quite excited for me. In the way that you are when your friends are doing something cool.

Are you glad we’re going?



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  1. Bravo Lucy for your answers to questions I could have asked. However I can tell you that this is going to be a very rich experience culturally speaking which I shall follow on your blog. I am impressed also by your brother, sisters and parents comments but above all I wish you all a wonderful time.

  2. Lucy - 2 years on

    What was I worried about? Arguing. Not a global pandemic

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