Preparing 🙄

Hi it’s Sophie,

Here I’m writing my first blog post 🙂 about the dreaded packing and preparing in the kids point of view. To begin with I think that we are really organised and set to head off but apparently not because it feels like every week we are getting taken away to find a new pair of shoes or some gloves and hat or something along those lines AND we have at least booked two thirds of the travel and accommodation so i don’t see what the fuss is about.

We already have started clearing the shelves, cupoards and surfaces

Sophie’s (mine) day one
Aurora’s with bin bag on the top

We have also got most of the clothes we need👚👖such as the 3 legging/joggy bottoms,3 tops and four or five pairs of underwear and socks also one pair of walking boots🥾and I think a pair of flip flops as well but am not sure??I already have my legging, tops and boots so I don’t see why I have to go on all the shopping trips.

Injections 💉

To begin with I was SUPER scared and thought you would feel what ever it was going down your arm but I was wrong it is painful but not as bad as I was expecting apart from the hepatitis B. I feel like you could feel it going in to the muscle but the rest was not bad. The order we went in was adults, Magnus, Lucy, me then Aurora.


I don’t think it’s just me but I am SO nervous because i am pretty sure that last time I checked it was four years until we were mabye going to go on a mad trip aroud the world. BUT (there has to be a but) it’s just more than a week in till we go!!!!!!!😬🤯😄😮😲


The thing with me is that I love to tidy and fold, fold and pack but say I was going away for I don’t know a week I would make everything really neatly and perfect but then when I am actually on the trip. I will just stuff everything in my bag then on the last day I would take as long as it needs to pack it all back in neatly and perfect. So for the packing part I will need lots of time to repack all of my things.


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  1. Hi Sophie, it’s great to read your first (of many!?) blog posts!

    I feel like I’m living and breathing your countdown and nerves alongside you, as you share a wee snippet of info each day. Did you tell me the day you finish school, I can’t remember?
    See you tomorrow
    Mrs McLear xxx

  2. It’s so interesting to hear about the trip from your point of view. I can’t wait to find out what you think about the places you visit and what you learn!

  3. Lovely to hear about it all from your point of view – we’ve heard lots from Mummy and Daddy. Please keep the blogs coming; I’m going to miss you all so much!

  4. Great posts and pics! I find packing the most stressful part of travelling (which is why I just stuff everything in a bag at the last minute and always forget something important) and it sounds like you’ve mostly got that sorted already! Can’t believe it’s less than a week now! Looking forward to reading all about it and seeing your photos x

  5. Sophie I tend to be neat and tidy like you. But on a trip like this one, you will have to be adaptable, and go with the flow. Hope you all have a great time… XX

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