My Worries about Volcanoes 😶 🤯 🌋 ⛩

Hi it’s Magnus,

One of my worries is Volcanoes and we are planning to climb Mount Fuji!!! In case you didn’t know Mount Fuji is a volcano!

So i did some research on wikipedia and found out that it was an active volcano not dormant like i thought. Its last eruption was from 1707 to 1708.

The experts thought it might erupt soon becacase of an earthquake in 2011 but this was “speculative and unverifiable” which means they don’t know and they can’t tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it’s less likely Mount Fuji will erupt because the last eruption was  312 years ago!!!👴

bye, Magnus 🙃

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  1. Magnus I am delighted that you won’t be toasted on any mountain top you’re far too fabulous for that!! X

  2. I would LOVE to climb Mount Fuji, Magnus!

  3. Hi Magnus, climbing a volcano is super exciting and good fun. I climbed a volcano once and it was fine, so enjoy the experience!

  4. Well done Magnus! As you might remember I have climbed 3 active volcanoes, I think I showed you the video of a lava lake? It’s super fun and interesting! These days scientists know when a volcano is going to erupt so they can warn you to get out of the way. If they say it’s safe to go, you’ll be fine!

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