Resilience Training 101

So here we were feeling all “ready to go” and “we’ve got this”, when we heard that our ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam has been cancelled.

The very first thing we have booked has already been cancelled. Fair enough – there is going to be the mother and father of a storm this weekend – and crossing the North Sea then would have put our consitutions, and possibly minimal packing, to the test.

The alternative we have been offered is a sailing on Wednesday evening, which doesn’t work for a number of reasons –

  • We have paid for our accommodation in Amsterdam
  • We have tickets for Keane the night we arrive
  • We have tickets for Anne Frank’s house the next day
  • Our lovely friends who are staying in our house are expecting to move in on Tuesday

So, we have accepted the challenge, and will be leaving home a day before we expected. We have booked the Eurotunnel, which is not going to be wind-affected. We will stay with Granny in Essex on Sunday night, and get to The Netherlands for Tuesday via France and Belgium on Monday.

Some sleep-overs will be cut short, a nice evening with friends will have to wait half a year, and it is a very good thing I didn’t go to the Calcutta Cup.


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  1. Absolute bummer for you, but lovely for Granny & Bumpa!

  2. A stormy start! The resilience training has begun early. Good luck; it’ll be fine. x

  3. Challenge passed with flying colours I say….to be organised enough to leave a day early suggests a little thought and planning has gone into this! And let’s face it, the North Sea ferry was never the glamour leg of the trip. The A1 is far nicer – wave at Boston Spa for us on the way past.

  4. Very excited you have set off and very impressed at your adaptability and good spirits already! Enjoy Keane!

  5. Well done for being prepared to leave early. Good luck with the rest of the bookings/journeys! We did the North Sea crossing in strong winds once (unwillingly), and it was scary – NO FUN at all!

    • It was a bit of a pain when we realised but as you say am so glad now! And lovely to have an extra chance to see V and F (and the Cambridge crew too) !

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