How Do You Feel? – Lucy’s view

How do you feel about the trip? Are you scared? What will you miss? These are all frequently asked questions. I don’t know how to answer this because obviously, I have never been on a “round-the-world-trip” before. Because the ferry has been cancelled I am a bit worried because we have done all this planning and before we even set of our first big move is cancelled.

Some bits I am really worried about include forgetting anything, missing important trains and arguing. As a family I think we all have a really good variety of skills which is why there couldn’t be a better way to “bond” than on on this trip, however I do think we may argue more than some families, so no I am not worried.

As for what will I miss, friends is a really big one. Yesterday all my friends came round for a pizza lunch: this is when I think it all started to get REALLY real. Amid hugs and presents I feel a weird not quite sadness that I will not be at school on Monday morning.

High quality photo minus Sophie (not the sister)

However this will go down in my memory books forever and anyone I know would love to go on a trip like this.


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  1. Your friends will be there when you get back. Don’t worry. They’ll be so excited to hear all your stories. Have a wonderful time Lucy and don’t lose your Pom Pom hat!! XxxxX

  2. Lovely and well-thought-out comment. I know you are going to have a WONDERFUL time (and maybe all learn not to argue quite so much!). Big bonus for us is getting to see you tomorrow.

  3. I’m certainly jealous of your trip! Some things may not go according to plan but then you just make a new plan! As you have already discovered! It’s all part of the amazing adventure!

  4. How nice to see you again, Lucy (in photo format, if not in real life!). Love your short hair, you and I have both had the locks chopped off – although I can’t tell if your crop is newish,like mine. So looking forward to checking in on your adventures. Love from Anne Marie

  5. ‘Weird not quite sadness’ is a brilliant expression. You’ll be a poet before this is over!

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