Media stars!

Very excitingly we are in this week’s Border Telegraph.

Many thanks to them for featuring us – and for picking a picture of me to headline it with (maybe!).

If you’re here for the first time, perhaps from the Border Telegraph link, you can see lots more pictures (of all of us) on Instagram where we post daily as @tweedtotokyo We’d love it if you followed us!

We’re on twitter too, also @tweedtotokyo so do follow there too if twitter is your thing.

We hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve posted on this blog. We hope to have some more adventurous adventures to write about soon…


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  1. Brilliant – I’ll ask Mum to get a copy; usually I just let her know what’s been in the online version. I’m really enjoying all your posts from my lockdowned and booze free corner of the planet. We’ve finally been let out to at least walk, but only between 6am and 9am every day, and there’s now a curfew after 8pm. Sigh …
    Much love to you all xxx

    • Why are you booze free? Your lockdown sounds the strictest I’ve heard of. Are there many cases in SA? Sending love and to your mum x

      • Sale of alcohol (and cigarettes, but luckily we’re not smokers) banned since 26 March when lockdown began 🙁 I stocked up with sufficient (I thought) for the initial 3 weeks that we were due to be abstemious, but Pieter drank the lot in one week!!! Very strict lockdown here – even though it’s allegedly eased to ‘Level 4’ from Level 5 this week. No online sales of anything permitted either. Some ANC comrades showing signs of the authoritarianism so beloved of their apartheid predecessors and apparently overruling our very decent Prez, sadly. However – deaths still just over 100 here in a population of nearly 60 million. So perhaps it’s all worthwhile. And – naturally – it’s not those of us in the privileged middle classes who are being hit the hardest by the economic hardships, so a little confinement to quarters and a couple of ‘dry’ months not comparable.
        BTW – did Ben shave his beard because of the mask requirement? Pieter’s finding beard and mask hard to manage (not least because he put the mask on sideways the first time). I’m finding mask and specs a tricky combination; specs fog-up all the time.
        Am crossing my fingers that all is not yet lost for your great adventure. Love to you all.

        • Crikey! But then as you say, if it’s working… on the beard front Ben falls in and out of love with it so it came off just because. It’ll probably grow back though. Masks not actually required here yet but when shops reopen they can require you to wear one if they wish. Ben did this morning for the trip to the supermarket and had the same foggy glasses issue. We’ll just have to learn to live with it I suppose.

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