The Return Questions- Sophie

And her five favourite photos

Best bit?

I loved Berlin because we did graffiti and I find world war 2 extremely interesting.

Favourite thing we did at St Pierre?

I had really good fun with Riis, Aurora and Lucy on the last couple days. 

Best place we went after St Pierre?

Puy du fou was amazing because we learnt a lot while having extremely breath-taking experiences. 

Worst bit?

Losing duplo A made me sad for a long time but so did losing all my photos so they will be my tied worst bits.

Before/during/after St Pierre?

During st pierre I missing Duplo A and during St pierre it has to be the same because we got sandy which made me miss him then I got kinda used to it but then we got Greg who reminded me of him so I became upset again.

How have you changed?

Yes! I think I am some bit more mature and I think that I have realised how privileged we all our. Also I am extremely less fussy about food.

What are you most looking forward to about being home?

I have really missed my friends a lot so I can’t wait to see them.

Is there anything you’re not looking forward to?

I am slightly nervous for high school because I don’t have many of my close friends in my class.

Will we ever get to Tokyo? When? Do you want to?

I think we will make it to Tokyo just after covid had cleared up,and yes I would love to go to tokyo and see all the wonderful and strange things there.

How do you feel about what Covid did to our trip?

I think if i could have changed it i would make no covid but it wasn’t all bad because I got to go to 2 theme parks and see lots of things i wouldn’t beable to see if covid didn’t happen! But then again I would have seen so many more amazing different things.

Strangest thing you ate?


Best baked treat?


Favourite new food (sweet/savoury)

Sweet was poffertges  savoury was probably Jeanne’s food.

Worst/best thing about lockdown

Worst was being stuck with the same people all the time best was we met Greg and Sandy also I liked having croissants 

What one thing do you wish you had done in St Pierre that we didn’t do?

Spent more time with Riis 

Best book you read or film you saw.

I enjoyed a book called girl missing by Sophie Mc?

My favourite movie was probably midnight sun and my favourite series was friends or glee.

Favourite thing you have acquired on the trip

Probably the new teddy’s, Netflix or my new bag.

Have you lost anything? If so, what?

Yes Duplo and a pair of socks 

How do you feel about being home now that we have been back home for two days?

I’m happy. I like it. I feel like I will miss travelling a bit but I prefer to be home.

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