The Return Questions – Lucy

Best bit?

That’s a really hard question, I loved the graffiti in Berlin, Cologne Carnival because it was so crazy, the Oder Delta  the beaches we have been to recently and so much more…

Favourite thing we did at St Pierre?

I loved the party on the last Saturday because I had some really interesting conversations, lots of fun in the pool and enjoyed being social.

Worst bit?

Either when I fell in a toilet in Cologne or thinking that we wouldn’t ever get to Tokyo.

How have you changed?

That’s difficult, I’ve definitely gotten taller and I think I have become more organized (doesn’t stop me from being the most unorganised in the family)

What are you most looking forward to about being home?

My friends and my bed.

Is there anything you’re not looking forward to?

I think the feeling that we didn’t finish the trip.

Will we ever get to Tokyo? When? Do you want to?

Of course we will get to Tokyo, I am hoping it will be next year, if it isn’t I would like to go some other time in my life because I spent eight years looking forward to going to Tokyo and so will do it someday.

Best baked treat?

Ohh, that’s hard. I loved the chimney cakes in Budapest, the Van Stapele cookies, poffertres and the amazing stroopwaffles in Amsterdam so I don’t really know- they were all so good!

Best book you read or film you saw.

I read so many amazing books on this trip however my favourite was One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M McManus  closely followed by Children of Vengeance and Virtue (by Tomi Adeyemi) and A GoodGirls Guide To Murder (by Holly Jackson)

Have you lost anything? If so, what?

I lost my comb in Avignon which was rather annoying but I think I have grown better at keeping my stuff together.

Biggest regret of stuff we didn’t do.

I have wanted to go to Mongolia for ages and I wish we could have done it this year.

What song will remind you of this trip?

There are many songs that remind me of the trip some more obvious than others; one is Pompeii by Bastille I first heard it in St Pierre and it the singers British accent reminded me of home plus I really like the song. Another song that reminds me of these last few weeks is Castle On A Hill by Ed Sheeran because it describes going home. I don’t know what songs remind me of the trip before Coronavirus.

What did you bring that you haven’t used at all?

 My soap, I have used it but I feel it hasn’t been useful, we had other soap in St Pierre and I didn’t really get it out of my bag before that.

How do you feel about it all now, 3 days later?

I don’t know. I feel mostly the same as I said before. I’m excited to see my friends tomorrow.

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  1. I’m loving these really interesting reflections – well done for keeping the blogs up.

  2. The honesty is so refreshing. We are bombarded on social media by everything being marvellous and in the news by disasters. Thank you for reminding us that life comes in all shades.

    Tokyo is still there. And Mongolia too. You will get there, and will be older and even wiser when you do.

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