Who We Are

Collectively we are the Campbell family, and individually we are Aurora, Ben, Harriet, Lucy, Magnus and Sophie (not necessarily in that order).

We will each be blogging our journey in our own words.  Find out about each of us here, and click on our pictures to visit the posts we have written so far.


I'm Ben. I like cycling, ironing, all sorts of music, puzzles, big landscapes, and beer.

I will be driver, trivia specialist, and city navigator.  When I'm at work, I'm a manager in a large telecommunications company.

I'm looking forward to seeing new places especially on the Silk Roads, spending a lot of time with my family, and getting really good at UNO.  I hope that the trip gives the whole family an ability to react well to adversity (though not too much adversity) and teaches us about similarities and differences.

I'm not looking forward to family fights on station platforms (or anywhere else), not being able to find somewhere to eat or sleep, and rodents and insects.



Hi I'm Lucy.

I'm 12 and when we come back I will be 13.

I'm into reading.  I like words like fantabulous and splendiferous. I'm also into dancing and judo. I play the violin and I sing. I like wearing hats (a lot!) and love pom-poms.

I really want to go to Mongolia and would like to see some judo in the Olympics.


I'm Magnus.

I am eight and when we come back I will be nine.   It will be my birthday when we are in Ulaan Baataar.

I like the superhero Deadpool (but I have never seen the film).  I like the Beano. I like playing football and I am hoping Ronaldo will be in the Olympics.

My favourite animals are peregrine falcons and sharks.

I am most excited about seeing the Olympics and going on a bullet train.

Harriet - since this photo was taken I've gone curly....
Harriet - since this photo was taken I've gone curly....

I'm Harriet.

I'm in charge of packing, organising, booking tickets, and making sure everyone has their coat, bag, teddy, toothbrush and the correct number of limbs.

In real life I'm a solicitor, working (because I don't make anything easy) for a firm of accountants.  I've also been an award-winning blogger, chair of the PTA (obviously), director of a housing association, and occasional (and not very tuneful) folk fiddler.

My biggest hope for the trip is that we will all get on brilliantly.  My biggest fear (apart from missing limbs - see above) is that we won't.

Oh, and I'd like the children to come back eating more than just pasta bolognaise...



My name is Aurora. Sophie is my identical twin. I am 11.

I like rugby. Also I like technology and screens.

What i am most worried about is missing my friends it will be better once I actually get a phone cause right now i don't have one and am quite scared that i will get a not very good old small phone.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Olympics and having a blog.

bye for now

A xox


Hi! My name's Sophie as you can see. I'm the second oldest child in my family . Aurora is my twin (I am one minute older than her).

I am very interested in judo. I am the Scottish judo champion for my age and weight (and I was in 2017 too).  I also play the flute.

I'm excited to see the judo museum in Tokyo and the Great Wall of China and taking lots of amazing pics.

Though I am worried about missing my friends and having to sleep with spiders (I hate spiders).




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