The Questions – Aurora


Where are we going?

A million places. And Japan.

Why are we doing this?

Because it’s good for us and it will be exciting. We’ll be going to millions of countries and doing, you know, like fun things. And yak herding. Or something like that.

What are you most looking forward to?

I don’t know. I have no idea… I don’t really listen to you when you talk about it. You keep going on about it and it’s quite annoying. I am looking forward to stuff, I just don’t know what.

And least?

I’m worried you’re just going to sit there blethering on about history and geography and me and Sophie are just going to sit there like bleurgh

What will you miss about home.

My bed. I feel like I will really miss my bed. I think I’ll miss my friends definitely.

Are you worried about anything?

You going on and on.

How do you think you will change?

I think I will understand more about being good with what we have. I won’t moan at you and say I hate you as much because I’ll have spent so much time with you all the time.

Who do you think is going to be best at eating new things?

I used to be best. You used to say I was best (and that’s rare.) I don’t know.

What skill do you have that will be most useful on our trip

I can talk for ages. Is that helpful? Might be annoying. I’m not resilient.

What will you struggle with?

Probably not whinging about everything we do.

And how are going to try and get over that?

I’m not sure

What do your friends think about it ?

They think we’re mad. They don’t want me to go. They want me to bring them in our suitcase.

Are you glad we’re going?

I don’t know. Ask me when we’ve been?







As dictated to Harriet