Week 10 (France 5)

Where were we? For the fifth week in a row we remain in exactly the same place. Tomorrow we will have been here for the same amount of time as we were previously travelling. Where should we have been? When you left us last week we should have been staying… Continue reading

A Run in Every Country

One of my goals for this adventure has been to run in each country we visited, and I have managed this to date, recording each of them on Strava, a phone app which tracks your progress by GPS. Since we have been stuck in France, this challenge has changed somewhat,… Continue reading

Week 7 – France (2)

Where were we? Silly question…. still France. Why aren’t we coming home? Earlier this week, Dominic Raab, the UK Foreign Secretary (*refrains from political comment*) advised all British citizens “currently on holiday or business trips abroad” to come home “while they still could”. We are not taking Mr Raab’s advice… Continue reading